Garage Door Repair

Fixing and Installing New Motors

Essential parts of the garage door systems, motors come in a variety of brands, models, and types. Motors, like springs, are the parts that help function. With the complex technicalities and the risks involved, the fixing and installing of motors is a job that calls for much skills and experience. Our Garage Door Motor Repair Services team is a well-known name in the installation and fixing field. With a group of trained, skilled, and experienced professionals, the Thousand Oaks Garage Door Motor Repair Services can install and fix all the different kinds of motors available today, that too within less time and at a highly competitive rate!

The following is a list of the different brands of motors that are available and popular these days:

  • Chamberlain: The brand has several popular models of motors today. It is one of the most trustworthy brands out there too.
  • Craftsman: One of the highly popular brands in the motor market, the Craftsman range is huge with an umpteen number of door motor and opener models. The Garage Door Motor Repair Services are considered experts when it comes to the fixing of a Craftsman motor.
  • Genie: Genie is yet another trusted brand of motors in the US market, with a whole lot of models to choose from.
  • LiftMaster: The LiftMaster too comes with an impressive collection of motor models.

The Garage Door Motor Repair Services team has much number of years working with all these four brands, their different models and more, and has earned considerable experience too. Whatever may be model, today, our technicians can confidently handle all the installation and fixing jobs, that too within record response time. Additional motor repair services that we are experienced with include working with door sensors, installing and fixing keypads, programming motor remotes, etc.

While talking about the Garage Door Motor Repair Services, it is also important to discuss about the quality of services we offer. The products and spares we use are of the best quality available. Also, when we receive a call from you, we reach there at your doorsteps without any delay. And, the quality of our services is never compromised, despite the very low and affordable prices at what we offer them!

Garage Door Motor Installation Service Highlights

  • Fixing sensors
  • Installing and fixing new keypads
  • Installing new motors
  • Fixing and adjusting motors, both old and new
  • Programming new motor remotes
  • Repairing sensors